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Welcome to the Garden

The Botanic Garden is a magical place that speaks to all your senses. Plunge in this green oasis, relax at the lakeside, walk along picturesque trails – in our Garden nature always has a season.

Our Botanic Garden counts as one of the largest and most important botanical gardens in the world. This is not only due to its surface, but also to the variety of its plants, that count over 20,000 types.

The goal of opening a scientific collection to the public was achieved here in Dahlem at the beginning of the 20th century and it is still one of our highest priorities. According to our historical sources, our Garden has now and for the first time taken the shape that our first director, Adolf Engler, had planned over 100 years ago. 
Faithfully restored to the original, the Main Tropical Greenhouse, an architectonical masterpiece in Art Nouveau style, also waits for its visitors. Those who enter this place forget space and time – and the outside weather does not play a role anymore.

“Die Welt in einem Garten"  – The world in a single garden – this was the plan of Adolf Engler, the first director of the Gardens of Dahlem in 1889. Today we continue on the wake of Mr. Engler’s aspiration and welcome guests from the whole world – around half a million every year.

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