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Dear visitor,

Welcome to the Botanic Garden!

Berlin's Botanic Garden enjoys a worldwide reputation – both for its scientific work and its beautiful grounds. To help us preserve the beauty of our gardens we would ask you to follow a simple Visitor's Code.

Children under ten are only allowed in the Botanic Garden when accompanied by an adult.

The following are not permitted in the Botanic Garden: animals (except for registered disability assistance dogs), bicycles, toboggans, rollerblades, skateboards and scooters, as well as dangerous objects or objects which can disturb others. (Bicycles can be left in the bike stands near the entrances;  the Botanic Garden does not accept any liability for parked bikes.)

No sports are permitted within the Botanic Garden.

Visitors may not bring any large bags, noisy items, nor - of course – bunches of flowers into the gardens or museum. (Bags, etc. may be left at the Botanical Museum (Botanisches Museum) admission desk during the museum's opening times (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.); the Botanic Garden and the Botanical Museum Berlin does not accept any liability for such items.)

If you find any lost property, please hand it in to the garden staff or the admission desks. (Lost property is kept at the entrance to the utility area; more details on 838-50270/50271).

Only the main paths are gritted in winter. For public safety in dangerous weather conditions, such as high winds, the staff may decide to close the Botanic Garden. Visitors are asked to leave the gardens when this is necessary for their own safety. Under these circumstances, it will not be possible to refund admission charges.

Visitors are permitted to take photographs for personal use only. Photography or filming for commercial purposes is only allowed with special permission and against the payment of a fee. Such permission has to be granted in advance (contact).

Private and group tours are only permitted when organised by the BGBM against a fee. If you wish to organise a private or group tour, contact us in advance in good time (contact).

Visitors are requested to follow the instructions of our garden staff. The staff are entitled to check admission tickets and the contents of visitors' bags.

We do not provide any form of compensation if we have to close certain areas for technical or operational reasons, should you leave the marked paths (in winter only the main paths are gritted), should there be damage to a pram, buggy or wheelchair, or should you be injured in some other way by ignoring these provisions.

We would particularly ask visitors to note that the following is not permitted in the gardens:

  • picking flowers, or removing plants or plant material,
  • collecting mushrooms or toadstools, or fruit or seeds,
  • touching any poisonous plants,
  • treading on the flowerbeds or walking on the meadows or along closed paths,
  • moving or removing notices or
  • damaging the gardens in any way.
  • Please place your litter in the containers provided.
  • Do not feed the animals since this often results in illnesses and attracts rats, mice and wild rabbits which cause considerable damage in the gardens.

These provisions apply equally to visitors at events on the site. In visiting the gardens and museum, you accept and agree to abide by these provisions.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum!