About us

The Earth’s natural plant diversity is the main focus of all activities at the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin (BGBM). Our extensive scientific collections - together with the historic garden and greenhouses, the museum, the library and our modern research infrastructure - are the basis of our work.

The Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin is a central unit of the Freie Universität Berlin. With our research and development projects we contribute to national and international programmes on biodiversity and - at the same time - to academic research and teaching. The Botanic Garden Berlin is fantastic place where citizens and visitors from all over the world can recreate and experience plant life. We present the Earth’s plant diversity in a gorgeous and artfully designed landscape. Together with other institutes of the Freie Universität Berlin we form the Dahlem Centre of Plant Sciences (DCPS).

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Our tasks

The various tasks of our institution can be described by the following terms, which also define our guiding principles.

We explore, document, present, explain and preserve plant diversity.

Our scientists explore the diversity of plants of various regions of the world. We analyze the evolution and phylogenesis of plants as well as the biological principles for their conservation and sustainable use.

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We document the global diversity of plants in our scientific plant collections. These include not only our unique collection of living plants but also our herbarium, the seed bank and a DNA bank as well as valuable historical collections. Together with our botanical library and our online databases, these collections represent an essential resource that is used by scientists from all over the world.

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However, the BGBM is not only an attraction for scientists and students. In our Botanical Museum, we present our scientific collections and many exciting aspects of plant diversity to the public. Garden and nature lovers can enjoy plants and vegetation types from around the world in our fascinating, historical garden that is even listed as a monument. Furthermore, our garden also provides an inspiring frame for artistic and cultural events.

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Those who want to know more can take advantage of our educational programme. Besides research and collections, education is one of our main tasks and we strive to explain fascinating details and inspiring anecdotes of the world of plants to all visitors: from school classes and group tours to families and weekenders.

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Through human activities the existence of more and more plant and animal species is nowadays at risk. Preserving the endangered diversity of plants is therefore one of our major tasks. For this reason, the Botanic Gardens Berlin is fully committed to plant conservation: we secure seeds of endangered plants from Germany and beyond in our seed bank, we cultivate and propagate endangered plant species and make them available for restoration. In cooperation with German and international authorities, we carry out specific research and development projects that provide a scientific basis for effective conservation and restoration measures.

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